Welcome to the Contractor Portal.

Carrier Feedback:
Here just a general message system for our carriers where you can leave your feedback or let us know about any issues/ideas you may have or just to let us know your thoughts.
Please click here to access the carrier feedback page.

Carrier Information form:
This is the place where you can go to update your information with us such as a change of address, banking information, etc
Please click here to access the carrier information form.

Invoice Submission Tool:
Our new invoice submission tool is where you can upload your independent contractor invoices online.
Please click here to submit your invoice.

Shorts Submission Tool:
Our new shorts submission tool allows you to send any information regarding a shortage of any products directly to our shorts staff to have your shorts issue resolved as soon as possible.
Please click here for the shorts submission tool.

Carrier Supply Request Form:
Our carrier supply form is where you can request supplies such as blue bags and elastics.
Please click here so submit your requested supplies.